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Civil Division

About Civil Division

The Civil Division handles non-criminal lawsuits among individuals and/or corporations brought to enforce, redress, or protect private rights. The largest division in the San Francisco Superior Court, the Civil Division conducts civil trials and manages civil filings, records, small claims cases, appeals, probate matters, unlawful detainers, defaults, case management, dispute resolution, name changes, and civil restraining orders to prevent harassment and elder abuse.

    How Do I Get Information About?

    • Alternative Dispute Resolution

      The Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program assists attorneys and litigants in selecting appropriate dispute resolution options prior to trial. 

    • Appeals

      Find out information about appeals.

    • Asbestos Department

      The San Francisco Superior Court carries the largest asbestos litigation caseload of any of California’s 58 Superior Courts. In 2009, the Court created a single asbestos case management department to handle asbestos cases.

    • CARE Act Court

      Find out more about CARE Court.

    • Civil Case Management

      Find out more about civil case management.

    • Civil Clerk’s Office

      Contact Information for key staff in the Civil clerk’s office.

    • Civil Grand Jury

      California state law requires that all 58 counties impanel a Civil Grand Jury to serve during each fiscal year. 

    • Restraining Orders - Civil Harassment

      Learn who can obtain a Civil Harassment Restraining Order and how to obtain one.

    • Civil Records

      Learn what information clerks may legally provide, how to obtain civil records in person or by mail, and other information about Civil Records.

    • Complex Civil Litigation

      The San Francisco Superior Court is one of six California trial courts with Complex Civil Litigation departments.

    • Court Reporters

      Court Reporters, as guardians of the record, are not only employees of the Court, but purveyors of transcripts for all interested parties. 

    • Law & Motion and Discovery

      Motion schedules, procedures and contact information.

    • Master Calendar - Dept. of the Presiding Judge

      Master Calendar; motion schedule, procedures and contact information.

    • Probate Court

      The Probate Court deals directly with the everyday personal and financial matters of San Franciscans. 

    • Real Property Court

      Former Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein created the Housing Court in November 2011 as a result of a budget-related reorganization.

    • Small Claims Division

      In the Small Claims court, disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively, the rules are simple and informal. Litigants may not be represented by an attorney. The Small Claims jurisdiction is limited to $10,000 for individuals. 

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