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Juvenile Traffic

What to do with a citation from San Francisco police

Traffic Violation

For Juvenile Traffic Violations, go to Juvenile Traffic Court, located at 375 Woodside Avenue, Room 101, or call (415) 682-5100 for instructions. 

Non-Traffic Violations

For non-traffic violations, go to the Intake Probation Department. Go to 375 Woodside Avenue, Room 237 if you are a San Francisco resident or call (415) 753-7630. If you are a non-resident, go to 375 Woodside Avenue, Room 214 or call (415) 753-7530.

Other Violations

Besides Traffic Code violations by minors, Juvenile Traffic Court hears violations of certain Penal Code, Municipal Park Code, certain Health and Safety Code, Business and Professions Code related to alcohol only, Graffiti, Fish and Game, Animal Control and Skate Boarding laws by minors.


Judge Pro Tem
Juvenile Traffic Court
375 Woodside Ave., Department 5
San Francisco, CA 94127


Wayne Parinas

Clerical Operations

Lisa Kong, Court Supervisor (415) 682-5101
Frances Yokota, Court Manager (415) 551-3914
Information: (415) 682-5100

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