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Small Claims

Small Claims

Disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively in Small Claims Court, where the rules are simple and informal. Litigants may not be represented by an attorney.

Claim Limit

Generally, claims are limited to $5,000. The jurisdictional limit is 10,000 for individuals who are filing a claim in the Small Claims Division.  Corporations, partnerships, governmental entities, and other legal entities cannot claim more than $5,000. Parties may not file more than two cases in small claims for more than $2,500 each during a calendar year. For more information on initiating a small claims case see the SC-100-INFO form

Frequently Asked Questions 

Case Calendar & Query

Search for Case Calendars by Case Type and Date. Information is available up to 120 calendar days from today.

Case Calendar

Case information is available at S.F. Superior Court Online Services. You must have the case number or party name for an inquiry.

Videoconference Hearings in Small Claims

Effective Monday, February 22, 2021, the Small Claims Department will be holding hearings by videoconference, and the public can view and/or listen to hearings, by clicking on the appropriate link below. At least 10 calendar days before the hearing the party requesting to appear by Zoom must obtain and submit the following forms:   

  1. Request to Appear by Zoom
  2. Declaration Re: Request to Appear by Zoom
  3. Order Re: Request to Appear by Zoom     

If you have evidence such as documents or pictures, which support your case, send them to the opposing party, and Department 506 at least 5 days before the hearing

Small Claims (Department 506) Zoom link: (

If unable to join using the links above, the hearings may be joined by telephone by dialing: 1-415-762-9988 

Department 506: Meeting ID: 161 169 1878  Passcode: 745595

Self-Help Small Claims Mediation Program 


Case information is available at S.F. Superior Court Online Services. You must have the case number or party name for an inquiry.


See Small Claims Instructions for what you need to file your Small Claims case.

To request a Small Claims Forms by mail, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Small Claims Division, 400 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94102. The Small Claims Packet with envelope weighs 3 ounces.

Small Claims Video Conference Appearance Packet

Interpreter Information

If you are unable to speak or understand English, bring a friend or someone else to help you. Court interpreters are not provided free of charge unless you are eligible for a fee waiver. If you would like to hire an interpreter for your Small Claims hearing, you may refer to the California Interpreter Program (CIP)

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