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Civil Records

Know Before You Go:

The Clerk's Office provides access to information related to Limited and Unlimited Civil, Probate/Wills, and Family Law case files. For all other cases (Criminal, Small Claims and Traffic), contact those court departments directly.

The clerks CAN assist or provide you with:
  • Use of computers for case search and inquiry
  • Requests to view files
  • Requests for photocopies, certified copies of dissolution (divorce), and requests for off-site/warehouse file retrieval
  • Copies of court forms for a fee
They CANNOT assist or provide you with:

Need Legal Help?

Looking for Case Information?

  • Some Civil, Small Claims, Probate, and Family Law (by case number only) cases can be accessed on the Court’s Civil Case Inquiry & information page.
  • As of April 20, 2020, Limited Unlawful Detainer cases can be obtained via the San Francisco Superior Court website: by entering the access codes provided on the Notice to Defendants or your payment receipt by entering the name of at least one plaintiff and one defendant and the address of the premises, including the apartment or unit number, exactly as it appears on the complaint.

Before starting your file search, please be aware that you may not have access to the following:

  • Sealed/Confidential Records
  • Case files in-use by the Court

NOTE: Submitting multiple requests for the same case number will cause undue delays in processing your record requests. Please allow 30 days before submitting a second request.

Court Policies

It is a Felony to remove files and documents from the Clerk’s Office and any of its facilities. It is also a criminal act to steal, destroy, mutilate, deface, alter or falsify any files or documents, Pursuant to G.C. 6200/6201.

  • Copy Policies
    • If your request for copies is less than five pages and the court file is on-site, your request will be processed while you wait.
    • If your request for copies is more than six pages, it may take 12 to 15 court days to process your request.
    • Exemplification requests may take 12 to 15 working days to process.
  • File Review Policy
    • You must deposit a valid, government-issued photo identification card with the clerk in order to view case files. There are no exceptions.
  • Off-Site/Warehouse File Retrieval Policy
    • If your case is at least two years old, it is possible that your file is located off-site. To view your file you must pay a $6 retrieval fee (per Local Rule 2.10). Please provide a minimum of 15-business days before expecting any notification from the court regarding your case file. A Records clerk will contact you when the file has been received and available for viewing. You will be provided a copy of your Civil Records Request Form with date and follow-up information.

Court Forms

Civil, Probate, and Family Law Judicial Council forms and some local court forms may be printed at no cost from the Forms & Fees page.

  • Name change, Name and Gender Change, and Small Claims packets may be printed at no cost from the Forms & Fees page.
Please include the following with your request:

1. Form name and/or number;

2. Self-addressed stamped envelope; and

3. A check made payable to "San Francisco Superior Court" indicating "Not to exceed $100.00" on the MEMO line. Leave the payment amount blank.

Forms-Related Fees

Description Local Rule Cost
Copies of Judicial Council Forms and Local Forms
(per page)
Local Rule 2.10 $0.50**
Small Claims Forms Packet Local Rule 2.10 $11.00**

**LOCAL RULE 2.10: Fees For Certain Court Services or Products. Pursuant to CRC 10.815, the Court may charge a reasonable fee not to exceed the Court's cost of providing the following products and services: forms, information materials, publications, off-site retrieval, and return of documents to the off-site storage facility, and postage. These fees are published in the Court's fee schedule.

For requests for Marriage, Birth, and/or Death Certificates, please contact the San Francisco County Clerk at (415) 554-4950 or online at

Vital records are not maintained by the court.

 Media Access Portal

Approval and registration is required to gain entry in the Media Access Portal. Please complete and submit the Memorandum of Understanding, which includes the MEDIA ACCESS USER AGREEMENT and the ATTACHMENT A to

Along with the MOU submission, parties must submit either:
  • Photocopy of identification card/driver's license AND copy of professional copier ID; OR
  • Photocopy of identification card/driver's license AND photocopy of Company Bond AND a letter from the Company authorizing individuals attached.

Memorandum of Understanding

Media Access Portal


Direct all inquiries to

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