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Court Reporters

Important Notice

Civil Courts Covered by Court Reporters
The following departments have reporters assigned:

Dept. 403 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - mornings only)
Dept. 404 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - mornings only)
Dept. 405 (Dependency only)
Dept. 406 (Monday - Friday, all day)
Dept. 416 (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
Dept. 425 (Monday - Friday, all day)

Effective may 10, 2022, department 302 will not provide an official court reporter for the Law & Motion/Discovery Department.

Guardians of the Record

Court Reporters, as guardians of the record, are not only employees of the Court, but purveyors of transcripts for all interested parties.

Their professional responsibilities include providing appellate transcripts to the California Court of Appeal and the Superior Court of California, as well as legislated transcripts arising out of criminal proceedings. Court reporters who report in civil, family, and juvenile matters also work with law firms and the public to provide requested transcripts.

How Do I Order a Reporter's Transcript?

Order it directly from the Court Reporter who took the proceedings. Call the Department in which the matter was heard and ask the Clerk who the Court Reporter was on a given date. The Clerk will put you in touch with the correct reporter.

If the Clerk is unable to provide you with the Court Reporter's name, call (415) 551-3778. Requests for transcripts also may be made by email at Include the date of the proceedings, the Department, and the Court Reporter's name in your email request to obtain a transcript.

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Court Reporting Services in Civil Cases

Pursuant to Rule 2.956 (b)(1), and effective immediately, the Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, will post the Departments in which the services of Official Court Reporters will not normally be available during regular Court hours. A notice shall be posted on the outside of each affected Department and in the Clerk's Office, Room 103, Civic Center Courthouse.

Pursuant to Rule 2.956(c), if the services of an Official Court Reporter are not available for a hearing or trial in a civil case, a party may arrange for the presence of a certified shorthand reporter to serve as an official pro tempore reporter. It will be that party's responsibility to pay the reporter's fee for the attendance at the proceedings, but the expense may be recoverable as part of the costs, provided by law.

If a party arranges and pays for the attendance of the certified shorthand reporter, none of the parties will be charged the reporter's attendance fee provided for in Government Codes 68086 (a)(1) or (b) (1).

It is further noticed that the stenographic notes of the certified shorthand reporter are the official records of the Court and shall be secured by the Court in either paper and/or electronic format in accordance with CGC Section 69955 (a), (b), (c) and (d).

Counsel are encouraged to work with a Court Reporter that can provide an electronic transcript preferably through YesLaw.

Court Reporter (Pro Tem) Guide to Civil Appeal Transcripts

As of January 1, 2023, all court reporter appeal transcripts must be filed electronically with the Appeals Unit. Please see CRC 8.144 for transcript format guidelines, as well as the material found by clicking on the documents below. We encourage all reporters to file their appeal transcripts using the YesLaw software program.

1. Civil appeal Guide for Pro Tem Reporters

2. Basic YesLaw Instructions - Demonstratives

3 .Case Catalyst User Settings

4. Eclipse User Settings

5. California Rules of Court Section 8.144

Court Reporter Fees in Civil Matters

For hearings where the moving party must pay a fee for a court reporter provided by the court, the following procedures must be followed to ensure the court is able to access the fee.

  • The firm representing the moving party must submit a cover letter or notice in the same e-filing transaction as the moving papers. If the cover letter/notice is not submitted with the moving papers, the entire e-filing transaction (including the moving papers) will be rejected.
  • The cover letter/notice should specify the case name, case number and name of the party that is paying the fee. The Document Type of "Notice of Payment for Court Reporter Fee" must be indicated in the Document Field.
  • Self-represented parties may pay the fee using this method or may pay at the civil filing counter in the Civic Center Courthouse (room 103).

In view of the Jameson v. Desta decision

Fee waiver recipients who desire a verbatim record of a trial court proceeding must notify the court in writing by filing a notice, a request or other form of written notification. The notice/request must be received within the following time perimeters:

  • Unlawful Detainer Matters – 5 days before the trial court proceeding
  • Civil and Probate – 2 weeks before the trial court proceeding

Failure to make the request within the time perimeters listed above may result in the courts inability to honor your request in a timely manner, on the day of your hearing.

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