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Job Specifications

Click on any Job Code number to view the Job Description. The documents are in PDF format. You may print and save any description that you desire.

Job Code Class Title
131C Managing Attorney
144C Traffic Hearing Officer
146C Emergency Protective Orders Commissioner
147C Mental Health Hearing Officer
148C Court Manager
149C Communications Director
150C Chief Administrative Officer
155C Court Reporter Coordinator
165C Director, Probate
168C Manager, Unified Family Court Services Program
176C Director, Training
185C Director, Information Technology Group
192C Court Administrator
195C Executive Assistant to the Presiding Judge
201C Court Supervisor I
202C Court Supervisor II
245C Drug Court Coordinator
255C Assistant Court Reporter Coordinator
261C Mental Health Coordinator
265C Assistant Director, Probate
268C Supervising Family Court Counselor/Mediator
272C Fiscal Services Supervisor
274C Fiscal Systems and Services Manager
285C Court Computer Systems Manager
291C Supervising Court Administrative Secretary
311C Court Staff Attorney I
312C Court Staff Attorney II
315C Civil Case Settlement Specialist
316C Senior Court Staff Attorney
351C Court Computer Systems Engineer I
352C Court Computer Systems Engineer II
353C Court Computer Business Analyst
354C Court Computer Applications Programmer
355C Court Computer Facilities Coordinator
366C Dependency Mediation Assistant
370C Administrative Analyst I
372C Administrative Analyst II
374C Administrative Analyst III
375C Court Training Specialist
376C Senior Human Resources Analyst
377C Principal Management Analyst


Senior Court Training Specialist

381C Grand Jury Administrative Analyst
410C Deputy Court Clerk I
420C Deputy Court Clerk II
430C Deputy Court Clerk III
432C Trial Delay Reduction Coordinator
441C Court Paralegal
442C Executive Assistant, Juvenile Justice Commission
444C Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator
450C Building Services Technician
470C Administrative Services Technician
472C Fiscal Technician
474C Senior Fiscal Technician
475C Training Technician
476C Personnel/Payroll Representative
479C Principal Personnel/Payroll Representative
491C Court Administrative Secretary
495C Secretary to the Presiding Judge
500C Court Reporter
620C Court Interpreter
0648 Court Investigator
0649 Probate Examiner
0655 Family Court Counselor/Mediator
0676 Legal Research Assistant
876C Director, Human Resources
879C Director, Fiscal Services
899C Court Executive Officer

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