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Unified Family Court


Unified Family Court (UFC) comprises Juvenile Dependency, Juvenile Justice, Child Support, and Family Law.  Our mission is to provide coordinated services to those who have family-related issues in the Court system, strengthen services to the community, and assist and promote healthy families and children.

UFC handles divorce, legal separation and nullity; parentage establishment, domestic violence restraining orders, child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation; mediation and self-help services; child abuse and neglect, juvenile violations of criminal law and juvenile traffic violations.

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Case Calendar

UFC Instructions for Remote Court Hearings Via Bluejeans



Judge Monica F. Wiley, Supervising Judge
400 McAllister St. - Department 405
Court Clerk: (415) 551-3747

Judge Russell S. Roeca
400 McAllister St. - Department 403
Court Clerk: (415) 551-3741

Judge Daniel A. Flores
400 McAllister St. - Department 404
Court Clerk: (415) 551-3744

Judge Monica F. Wiley / Judge Richard C. Darwin
400 McAllister St. - Department 405
Court Clerk: (415) 551-3747

Juvenile Justice

Judge Monica F. Wiley, Supervising Judge
JJC - Department 2
Court Clerk: (415) 682-5202

Judge Roger C. Chan
JJC - Department 3
Court Clerk: (415) 682-5203

Judge Richard C. Darwin
JJC - Department 4
Court Clerk: (415) 682-5204

Juvenile Dependency

Judge Braden C. Woods
400 McAllister St. - Department 406
Court Clerk: (415) 551-3750

Judge Susan M. Breall
400 McAllister St. - Department 425
Court Clerk: (415) 551-3759

Child Support IV-D

Commissioner Rebecca L. Wightman
400 McAllister St. - Department 416
Court Clerk: (415) 551-3756

Family Law Facilitators

Judy Louie - Director
400 McAllister St. - Room 509
Phone: (415) 551-0605

Unified Family Court Services

Family and Dependency Mediation
Felicia Fleming - Acting Manager
400 McAllister St. - Room 402 B
Phone: (415) 551-5983

Clerical Operations

Court Manager - Frances Yokota
Family Law, Child Support, Juvenile Dependency and Juvenile Justice                 
400 McAllister St. - Room 402
Phone: (415) 551-3914                                                                                                                                                

Acting Court Supervisor - Jonathan Wong
Family Law, Child Support and Juvenile Dependency         
400 McAllister St. - Room 402
Phone: (415) 551-3962

Court Supervisor - Lisa Kong
Juvenile Justice/Juvenile Traffic
375 Woodside Ave.  -  Room 101
Phone: (415) 682-5101

  • Protocol for Implementation of Welfare and Institutions Code Section 241.1
  • Domestic Violence Procedures

    If the person seeking the restraining order and the person against whom the restraining order is sought have minor children in common, court orders may be entered regarding custody and visitation of the children.

    If both parents appear on the date of the court hearing on the request for a restraining order, they will be ordered to participate in a domestic violence-related orientation (even if they recently attended the 3-hour orientation class) and in a mediation conducted by Family Court Services. The mediation and orientation will take place in separate sessions in order to ensure the safety of both parents.

    The mediation will occur between, approximately, 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., immediately after orientation. The Court will hear the restraining order application and enter child custody and visitation orders (based on either the parties’ stipulation or after hearing) once the mediation is completed. In some cases, the parties may have to return to Court in the afternoon to have their matter heard.

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