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Community Justice Center

Community Justice Center Information

The Community Justice Center (CJC) is a collaborative court program in partnership with city agencies and community groups.

The CJC represents progressive reform to the current criminal justice system by addressing the primary issues facing the individual and not just their crime. The CJC includes both a courtroom and social-service center. Social services include drug treatment, mental health programs, support groups, counseling, career development and job training. The CJC refers clients and community members to appropriate services located at the CJC and at other city-partner agencies. The CJC values the immediacy of intervention with the goal of preventing on-going cycles of recidivism while improving the lives of participants and residents in the community.


The Community Justice Center of the Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, responds to the needs of participants and the central city community with a philosophy that CARES - Community, Accountability, Efficiency, and Support. The CJC reduces barriers for people with the goal of improving their lives.

Geographic Area

The CJC court serves the Tenderloin South of Market, Union Square and Civic Center neighborhoods. The social service center is open to all San Francisco residents citywide.

CJC Anniversary Video

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