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Community Outreach

San Francisco Superior Court judges eagerly participate in many community events in the City and County of San Francisco. 

Judges in the Classroom (JIC)


Judges in the Classroom (JIC) is part of the Statewide Civic Learning Initiative tailored to improve civic learning and engagement in California. The JIC program promotes civic engagement to public schools in California for students K-12 by connecting classrooms with a judicial officer for lessons on the role of the judiciary, the three branches of government, rule of law, and other areas of civics.  

How it works: The JIC matches teachers and their classroom with a judge. The JIC website allows teachers to make requests for an active bench officer to make a classroom appearance, in-person or remotely. 

Sign up today! 

Registration: Judges in the Classroom website 

2024 Community Outreach

from high school to court webinar

Judge Daniel A. Flores, Judge Eric R. Fleming, and Judge Anne Costin were panelists in March 2024 for From High School to Court webinar as part of the San Francisco Superior Court Public Outreach Committee (Court Outreach Committee), and Deputy City Attorney Rebecca Louie as moderator.

BASF's 8th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference

Judge Daniel A. Flores was a keynote Speaker in January 2024 at BASF’s 8th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference

2023 Community  Outreach

2023 San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (SFLTA) Mock Trial Competition

Judge Michael I. Begert participated in the 2023 San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (SFLTA) Mock Trial Competition at the San Francisco Superior Court on November 4, 2023. Law students from Golden Gate University, McGeorge School of Law, UC Law San Francisco and Santa Clara University competed in the mock trial competition.

Judges at the Potrero Hill Festival 

Judges recently gathered to meet with members of the public and answer general questions about the Court and its services. Members of the Court Outreach Committee  participated in community outreach at the Potrero Hill Festival in October 2023. 

Judges at Potrero Hill Festival

Photo from left to right: Judge Daniel A. Flores, Judge Patrick Thompson, Judge Eric R. Fleming and Judge Braden C. Woods at the Potrero Hill Festival.

Making Victims' Rights a Reality

Judge Daniel A. Flores presented at the Judicial Council of California’s Making Victims’ Rights a Reality, in September 2023.

Judge Flores

Mariam El-menshawi, executive director of the California Victims Legal Resource Center and Adjunct Professor at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, with Judge Daniel Flores at the Making Victims’ Rights a Reality event.

project pull summer internship program

Judge Daniel A. Flores was a speaker for the City and County of San Francisco’s Project Pull Summer Internship Program in August 2023.

diversity legal pipeline

Judge Daniel A. Flores was a speaker for the Diversity Legal Pipeline, Youth Law Academy, Centro Legal de La Raza, in June 2023.

AAPI Meet the Judges Event

Sponsored by the Court's Elimination of Bias Committee, judges held a Meet the Judges event on May 20, 2023 at the Willie Woo Woo Wong Clubhouse in Chinatown. The event was held in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

Judges invited the public to get to know their local judges and provided information to the public on small claims, family law, criminal, civil harassment, preliminary hearings and juvenile justice. The panel was followed by a question-and-answer session.

Meet the Judges AAPI 2023

Photo from left to right:  Judge Michelle Tong, Judge A. Marisa Chun, Judge Roger Chan, Judge Daniel A. Flores, Judge Richard C. Darwin, Judge Brendan P.  Conroy and Judge Michael Rhoads.

judges of color

Judge Daniel A. Flores was a panelist for the Judges of Color program at Golden Gate University School of Law in May 2023.

Judges Flores & Evangelista

Solano Superior Court Judge Amyra Cobb-Hampton, Judge Maria E. Evangelista and Judge Daniel A. Flores at the Judges of Color program.

Drinks and Diversity

Judge Daniel A. Flores was a panelist for Drinks and Diversity, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in January 2023.

Judge Flores1
collaborative justice courts

Judge Kathleen Kelly serves as Chair of the Juvenile Subcommittee for the Judicial Council Collaborative Justice Courts Advisory Committee.

2022 Community Outreach

the challenge of civility: how to disagree without bring disagreeable

Judge Daniel A. Flores was a panelist in February 2022 for the The Challenge of Civility: How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable at the McGeorge School of Law.

International Visitors

The San Francisco Superior Court hosts foreign delegations of visitors eager to learn more about the American justice system and the trial courts in California. Delegations often visit from China, Japan, Korea and Australia. Foreign delegations bring their own translator and observe court proceedings and visit with San Francisco Superior Court judges who answer their questions about the justice system in California.

Argentinian Delegation

Judge Harry M. Dorfman hosted a delegation of legal professionals from Argentina at the Hall of Justice. Judge Dorfman imparted his wisdom during a question-and-answer session on criminal procedure and trial practice. 

Judge Dorfman Meet with Delegation from Argentina

Judge Harry M. Dorfman (center) and Court Executive Officer Brandon E. Riley (back row, second from right) with the Argentinian delegation during a Hall of Justice visit in October 2023.

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